It has now been confirmed that Henry Cavill ‘s Superman will return to Black Adam , after a few years of absence from the DC Extended Universe .


Well, an article by the Hollywood Reporter explains that Warner Bros. is developing a new film dedicated to the Last Son of Krypton , obviously with Cavill himself as the protagonist.

It would be, in fact, a sequel to The Man of Steel , so far the only solitary adventure of the hero in the DCEU .

The studio is looking for screenwriters, and wants to meet some of the highest level. Apparently at the top of the list was Christopher McQuarrie (with whom Cavill worked on Mission: Impossible – Fallout ), but the director is too busy writing and directing the last two chapters of the saga with Tom Cruise . In any case, the new Superman movie is a concrete project.

Superman and Black Adam

At the same time, another potential film could compare the Man of Steel and the Man in Black . Dwayne Johnson was instrumental in Henry Cavill ‘s return – he pushed for his Superman to appear in Black Adam , despite not being part of the plans at first. The former wrestler’s request was rejected by Walter Hamada , president of DC Films , but Johnson overruled it and went directly to Warner bosses , namely Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy . They were the ones who gave the green light.

The parties negotiated for a long time, with Labor Day on September 5 as the deadline. In the end, the negotiations were successful, and the scene was shot in mid-September. Because Johnson was instrumental, the studio may be complying with his desire to have the two characters face off on the big screen.

The other Superman

The other film , written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and produced by JJ Abrams , which will introduce a black Superman (maybe Val-Zod or Calvin Ellis , but there are no confirmations in this regard) remains in development . It seems that it will be an autonomous project, disconnected from the continuity of the DCEU . Like the Joker , in short.

We will keep you posted.