Swiss university announces record in the calculation of the number Pi

A Swiss university said on Monday that it had broken a record in the calculation of the number Pi, with 62.8 trillion decimal places.

In a statement, the High School of Applied Sciences (HES) of the canton of Grisons, in eastern Switzerland, congratulated itself on having reached this result thanks to a high-performance computer that worked for 108 days and 9 hours.
“It is thus almost twice as fast as the record set by Google in 2019, and around 3.5 times as fast as the last world record in 2020, ” the bulletin noted.

The last ten letters of Pi are “7817924264”, said the HES, ensuring that it will not reveal the full number until approved by the Guinness Book of Records.

According to the statement, the university’s computer surpassed the latest world record of 50 trillion decimal places in its calculations, adding 12.8 trillion new figures previously unknown.

Pi is the number by which the diameter of a circle must be multiplied to obtain its circumference. It is impossible to know its exact value because the number of digits after the comma is infinite.