Taliban show off Afghanistan’s first ‘supercar’

The striking design is powered by the engine from a Toyota Corolla .


The Taliban regime that governs Afghanistan has presented the first “supercar” of the Asian country.

The vehicle is the Mada-9, the work of the ENTOP company and is the product of five years of development.

Images on social networks show the car driving through the streets of the capital Kabul.

The Taliban regime assures that it is “a pride for the whole country.”

Of course, the development of Mada-9 happened mostly before the Taliban’s rise to power in 2021.

What is the Afghan “supercar” like?

The Mada-9 has a very striking and modern design, similar to that of a Bugatti.

However, the engine of the “supercar” is that of a Toyota Corolla .

“It will start its journey in Afghanistan and one day it will be international,” Mohammad Riza Ahmadi, the designer of the project, told the Toto News Channel .