Tardigrade: the electric motorcycle astronauts could use on the Moon

The NASA prepares to return to the Moon . The aerospace bureau is working on a mission to return to Earth’s satellite in 2024.

For the moment, those in charge of the mission are thinking about how the astronauts will be able to move around the lunar surface.

Using Mars rover rovers as a reference, professionals turned to Hookie, a Dresden, Germany-based motorcycle company, which has proposed an innovative vehicle for use on the Moon.

This is Tardigrade, whose name refers to the tardigrades or water bears , microorganisms that are capable of surviving in the most adverse conditions.

The two-wheeler uses laser-cut aluminum elements and supports a Kevlar cover to protect the powertrain from radiation experienced outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

The tires are 3D printed and designed without air so that they can be easily repaired or replaced on the lunar surface by the astronauts on the mission.

NASA intends to return to the Moon with the Artemis mission . The goal is to ensure a permanent stay on the satellite while preparing the trips that will take humans to Mars.

For this, the office has partnered with several private companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin to develop the different components that will make the adventure possible.

In fact, both companies have been involved in the controversy as a result of a millionaire contract that seeks the construction of a lunar lander.