Teaser trailer for Disney’s haunted house movie

As announced yesterday, here is the teaser trailer for Haunted Mansion , the new film based on the famous Disney attraction, due out next July.

Directed by the creator of Dear White People

Dear White People creator Justin Simien directed the film. In the cast we will find Danny DeVito , Rosario Dawson , LaKeith Stanfield , Tiffany Haddish and Owen Wilson . Also with them are Dan Levy, Winona Ryder, Hasan Minhaj , Jared Leto and Jamie Lee Curtis .

In the film, a doctor (Rosario Dawson) and her 9-year-old son (Chase Dillon), try to start a new life by moving into a strangely cheap mansion in New Orleans, only to discover that behind that affordable price lies a secret. Desperate for help, they contact a priest (Owen Wilson), who, in turn, enlists the help of a widowed scientist turned paranormal expert (LaKeith Stanfield), a French psychic (Tiffany Haddish), and a bad-tempered historian. (Danny DeVito).

About the film, the director said:

As a huge fan of the Haunted Mansion attraction I am very excited to share the first trailer for this new film which boasts an incredible cast. Our team has worked tirelessly to craft a scary, fun, and otherworldly cinematic adventure for both new and hardcore fans! I can’t wait for audiences to experience this big-screen version of the iconic Disney attraction.

The film with Eddie Murphy

The Haunted Mansion attraction previously inspired an Eddie Murphy film , Haunted House , in 2003. Directed by Rob Minkoff , it was released in the same year as the first Pirates of the Caribbean , The Curse of the Black Pearl . Disney seemed determined to adapt the attractions of their parks on the big screen, but since then only the saga of the Pirates has survived. This changed with the arrival of the film Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt , which proved to be such a success as to warrant a sequel .