Teenager tracking Elon Musk discovered Mark Zuckeberg’s new plane

The young man who has a Twitter bot for all Elon Musk flights  now has a new name in his sights: Mark Zuckerberg .


The teenager who tracks all of Elon Musk ‘s flights via a Twitter bot, Jack Sweeney , has made a new discovery: Mark Zuckerberg has a new plane.

Sweeney himself made this revelation on his personal account with the photograph of the aircraft.

In February, Sweeney began tracking and sharing updates about what he said was the Meta CEO’s private jet using a Twitter account called @ZuccJet.

Jack Sweeney said he learned in April that the Facebook founder was no longer using the plane and had gone back to the drawing board. He said on Twitter that he has since been able to correlate the last plane’s travel history with Zuckerberg’s travels.

Millionaire expenses in transport

In Meta ‘s latest regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company said it began leasing a new plane in March for Zuckerberg.

Last month, Insider reported that Meta spent a record $26.8 million on Zuckerberg’s security and private jet travel in 2021 .

In 2019, it was reported in 2019 that Zuckerberg had 24/7 bodyguard protection, as well as access to a bullet-ridden office. resistant glass and panic button.

Jack Sweeney is in the sights of Elon Musk after he traced his flights. He wanted to pay her $5,000 to delete his Twitter account, but she turned down his offer. He has also tracked down Russian oligarchs in the midst of social conflict in Europe.