Telegram: How to change the font size in chats?

Telegram allows the customization of the size of the texts within the app.

Telegram is one of the most used applications in instant messaging, hosting millions of daily users like its competitor WhatsApp .

The application is known for bringing modern updates and curious functions, it also has customization options that allow you to modify the chat environment.

In addition to modifying the background image, designs, colors and fonts to suit the user’s taste.

How to customize the font and font size?

Telegram offers the option to customize the font and font size, with methods that allow you to change the style to bold, italic and monospaced, to start customizing it you must:

To change the font size

  • Enter the application
  • Go to the main screen
  • Click on the menu at the top right or display it by sliding your finger from the left.
  • In the options section, click on Settings.
  • Once in the Settings option, click on ‘Chat Settings’
  • Move the bar that indicates the ‘Text size’ to change the size. Below is a preview of how it will look.

To customize the letter

To customize the letter, all you have to do is use the Telegram application and test some ‘hacks’ found in the app to customize the text format:

For Bold : add two asterisks (**) before and after the message, it will automatically display in bold.

For Italic : add two underscores (__) before and after the message, it will be displayed in italics.

For Strikethrough : place two tildes (~~) before and after the message, a strikethrough text will be displayed.

Telegram also has the option to further customize the chats through the ‘themes’ tab in it you will find skins similar to those of Messenger, where you can change the color of the main screens so that the environment is even more pleasant for the user.