Telegram: How to search for channels in the application and join them?

The messaging application, Telegram , has the option of finding channels or groups within it and being able to join in a very simple way.


One of the advantages that Telegram provides , unlike its competition WhatsApp , is the ease of accessing public transmission channels, being part of its peculiarity and detail that other messaging services do not have. This type of chat offered by Telegram is very varied and unique, and it also differs from a conventional group chat.

Telegram channels, unlike group chats, are exclusively designed to send messages (audio, video or other files) to a large audience, something that is far from group chats, since the channel is not designed for conversations, only for broadcasting. massive.

Also, while groups can have up to 200,000 users on Telegram , in the case of channels, you have an unlimited number of subscribers whether public or private.

On the other hand, only the administrator of this broadcast medium can publish or broadcast a message, in addition to tracking views or other details when creating a channel. Being a powerful communication tool, even for government agencies. But how to search for channels and join them? Here the steps.

Find channels and join on Telegram

The first step that the user must perform is to enter the Telegram app . After that, you can locate a channel using the app’s universal search or by URL (for public channels). The browser will find or track the name of the channel that the person wants to join.

Then, after searching for said channel, you must press the “join” button which will be seen at the bottom of the screen. Upon joining the channel, immediately what was once the “join” button will become “mute”. That option will depend a lot on the person if it is annoying to keep the notifications or it simply does not cause them any problem.

The channel will be placed immediately next to the rest of the chats, just as if it were a group chat, within the list of Telegram conversations . On the other hand, if the user wishes to withdraw from said channel, he can do so in a very simple way: He must press and hold the channel chat and it will give him the option to “exit the Channel”.

How to enter a private channel?

Unlike a public channel, in order to enter a private channel the person must receive an invitation from the administrator or owner. Although there is the option of locating a link or that a member of the channel sends said link to the person, that way they can enter this channel not suitable for the common public.