Telegram is updated with video transcription and its response to WhatsApp Communities

Telegram has announced a new set of features in its latest update to its Android and iOS app.


In this patch, the messaging app adds a forceful response to WhatsApp Communities , as well as adding transcription to videos and more.

What’s new on Telegram

Starting with Premium users, Telegram will now offer video message transcripts. Previously, this feature was limited to voice messages only and is now effectively expanding to videos as well.

Also coming is Themes , a new addition that helps alleviate common pain points in groups with many members. Telegram says that groups that have more than 200 members can use it to reserve a part of the group for a topic that interests you. This feature is accessible to everyone, even if they are on the free version.

Developers are also diving into “collectible usernames,” allowing users to assign unique names to their accounts and chats.

There are also new emoji packs on the horizon, several days after Halloween, including 12 new packs created by the design team at Telegram .