Telegram prepares the arrival of reactions with 11 emojis

Telegram is already working on this tool, which will arrive first on iOS.


The messaging application Telegram is currently preparing the arrival of the new reaction function, which allows you to reply to a message through 11 different emoji symbols.

This has been reported by the Telegram channel dedicated to the beta functions of the app, which has noticed the new function in the beta of the service for mobiles with the iOS operating system , as reported by the Android Police portal .

Reactions are a feature that is already available in other messaging apps such as Apple’s iMessage. When reacting to a message, as in some social networks, users can select an emoji to show how they feel about the content.

As in other social networks

In the case of the feature that Telegram tests , users will specifically have 11 different emojis for the reactions, each one with an animation, as reported by the Telegram channel .

Among the emojis available are the thumbs up and down (to answer yes or no), a red heart, a party symbol, the excrement with eyes, the flame, the vomit, the smiling face with tears or the emoji of mourn.

In the case of group chats or channels, in addition, users can click on a message to find out which people and what reaction they have left for each message. Also, administrators can disable the option in groups.