Telegram: What is “Slow Mode” and what is it for?

The Telegram messaging app brings various functions, including the slow mode, in this guide its function is known.


Telegram , the application that is becoming more relevant in the market, has a function that allows group administrators better control over its members.

Telegram has 500 million monthly users so implementing features became a liability with them. The social network activated a new function so that the groups have better communication, are more organized and that what is written by each user increases the value of each message. This function allows better message traffic at specific times, when many are connected to the social network.

What is the function that Telegram has?

Slow Mode is a feature of Telegram  that helps administrators maintain an order for sending messages. It is suggested that the members of the conversation chat who send a message will have to wait between 30 seconds to 1 hour to be able to write something again, this depends on the configuration of the chat administrator.

Given the increase in false information that is presented between messaging applications, apps like WhatsApp have implemented strategies to stop this type of spread, such as a limit on the frequency of “forwarding” messages. However, that is not the goal of Telegram . The purpose of implementing ‘Slow Mode’ is to allow administrators to control the time each user in the group sends messages, thus giving users greater peace of mind. other users, since this social network allows you to have 200 thousand users in a single group, exceeding the 256 users that  WhatsApp can group .