Tension even on the Moon: China and the US plan to land on the same site

China and the United States want to land on the south pole of the Moon to take advantage of the water contained on its surface.


China and the United States are looking to land in the same place when their space missions reach the satellite: the south pole of the Moon .

In the midst of scientific exploration, both countries agree that the region’s limited resources may be beneficial to their aspirations, so there may be some tension in the development of their lunar missions.

Why is it so attractive at the south pole of the Moon?

Both China and the United States have more than 10 possible landing sites for their manned missions to the Moon. Almost all of them are based on the south pole of the satellite.

This is because the south pole is the richest place on the Moon in terms of water, which is concentrated in blocks of ice below the surface.

Both NASA and Chinese scientists have pointed to three specific places in common: Shackleton, Haworth and Nobile craters.

While Artemis 3 is expected to land the first woman in history in 2025, China will send the Chang’e 7 mission in 2024.