Term of Use

techypu.com  has a strong user community that comments on each and every news and article posted on the web. We like that there is debate and that is why we have implemented the disqus service for it, but we want the environment to always be one of respect and sometimes it is lacking, which is why we need rules.

When someone breaks these rules, they can see their message deleted or worse, get banned. What can be the reasons to delete a message or ban a user?

  • Obscenities.
  • Insults and attacks on other users or editors.
  • Incitement to racism or hatred for any cause.
  • Adjectives that seek to disrespect religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, country or gender.

And also for:

  • Repetition of messages.
  • Use  techypu.com  to post links to other websites that have nothing to do with the topics discussed here.
  • Use  techypu.com  to post links to promote your blog, website or published content.
  • Create multiple users on Disqus to have a multi-account.
  • Act like a troll.

It also happens that there are comments that automatically go to the moderation queue and do not appear publicly. It is an automatic system that does that with comments that:

  • They contain any kind of link.
  • They contain insults or profanity.
  • They contain a lot of uppercase text.
  • Duplicate comments.

The  techypu.com newsroom goes  through the moderation queue several times a day, so there may occasionally be comments like the ones described above that don’t show up for hours until we can review them.

In short, do not insult, do not spam and do not be a troll. Have fun, but don’t disrespect others even if they don’t share your point of view. If you want to contact us with any questions about the use of comments, do it from here. In cases where a problem arises between users and it is considered necessary, the issue can be discussed more directly with the moderators on our Discord server (you can join here ), where we also try to create a respectful and friendly community where people talk wrestling and many more topics.

published content

Our publications use a Creative Commons license that allows the use of its content for non-commercial purposes, requiring only attribution to the author. This means that all our content, except for some photos and videos, can be used freely. Anyone can copy, reproduce, distribute and modify them, the only conditions that are imposed are:

  • Let it be for a non-commercial purpose. Its publication on any page that displays advertising or that supports another activity such as the sale of goods and services is considered commercial use.
  • That the original attribution to its author be maintained through a direct link (without  “nofollow” ) to the individual page where said content was originally published. If it is a printed medium, it is enough to mention the name of techypu.com and its general url.

One caveat, some of the photos and videos we use do not belong to us, so we do not have the power to apply the Creative Commons license to them.

To consult the license conditions you can visit  Creative Commons License .

To consult the legal text you can go to  Legal Code for CC License .