Tesla Announces Humanoid Robot: What’s Elon Musk’s New Promise About?

Elon Musk assures that the Tesla robot will be used for dangerous work and “that it can be turned off to escape from it.”

Controversial billionaire Elon Musk was stunned last week by announcing that Tesla developed a humanoid robot to perform “dangerous” jobs.

Musk assured that the prototype of the ” Tesla Bot ” would be ready by 2022.

What is it like, and what will it be for?

The Tesla Bot will measure 1.7 meters tall, weigh 56 kilos, and feature a screen instead of a face.

Tesla will use the technology that powers its semi-autonomous cars to make the robot perform tasks that “nobody wants to do: boring, repetitive and dangerous.

The Tesla Bot will have five-fingered hands in a black and white design.


Elon Musk assured that his humanoid robot will be “friendly” and built so that it “can run away from it and turn it off.”

“Hopefully, that never happens, but who knows,” he said jokingly.

And there is no shortage of jokes about the Tesla Bot. Will Smith, protagonist “I am a Legend,” posted on Instagram a photo where he “distrusts” the robot.

How real is it?

We have to wait until 2022 to know if Elon Musk will fulfill his promise, but veterans in the industry like Boston Dynamics have already achieved robots capable of parkour.