Tesla driver falls asleep on autopilot and leads to police chase

German police officers were unable to catch up with the Tesla which was driving autonomously at more than 112 kilometers per hour.

A German driver of a Tesla vehicle sparked a police chase after falling asleep with autopilot on.

Agents who noticed the driver resting tried to stop him, but the vehicle began to rapidly increase speed, creating a moment of chaos on the Autobahn highway.

all for a nap

According to the Bavarian police, the agents noticed “a driver in a reclining position, with his eyes closed and his hands off the wheel,” so they decided to investigate the matter.

In attempting to stop the car, the Tesla “maintained a speed increase to 70 mph, attempting to overtake the pursuing patrol car.”

After more than 15 minutes of pursuit, the driver woke up and stopped the car, which also led to his arrest.

Investigators found that the driver had gone to great lengths to trick the car into driving itself while he got some sleep. They discovered a “footwell steering wheel weight,” a device that can “fool the vehicle’s security system by pretending your hand is on the wheel.”

The driver now faces criminal charges and had his license suspended.

everyday problems

Autopilot software is under scrutiny from regulators due to accidents. Many users rely on it to rest, when Tesla itself has pointed out that it is necessary for the driver to be aware of the entire route