Tesla has more bad news about its long-awaited Cybertruck

Elon Musk announced that he will raise his initial price of US $ 39,900, announced in 2019.


Elon Musk has more bad news for those hoping to buy the Cybertruck , Tesla ‘s futuristic pick-up truck made famous in 2022.

Not only has the production of the Cybertruck been pushed back about two years to mid-2023, but more money will have to be spent to get one.

The $39,900 price tag for the base model is not holding, Musk confirmed . The Cybertruck will have a different price and features, he said.

“I hate to give you bad news,” Elon Musk said at his meeting with shareholders. “A lot of things have changed,” he explained.

In 2019, Tesla indicated that its Cybertruck would have three versions ranging from $39,900 to $69,900. Elon Musk did not specify at the recent meeting what changes the product will undergo.

Tesla is under pressure, especially from competitors betting more and more on electric cars with Ford and Rivian already having electric pick-up trucks on the market.

Cybertruck and its presentation that went viral

The Cybertruck ‘s polygonal design made it the target of memes indicating that it looked like something out of a classic PlayStation game .

But what made Tesla ‘s pick-up truck more viral was the resistance test of one of its “unbreakable” windows.

Elon Musk asked an employee to throw a mass of steel against one of the car windows to test its resistance. The window ended up cracked on the first try. A second attempt did the same damage to Tesla ‘s car .