Tesla removes the launch date of the Cybertruck: will it arrive in 2022?

The launch of the Cybertruck was planned for this year, but various problems in the supply chain may delay its release on the market.


Tesla ‘s website  has removed the launch date for the Cybertruck , the company’s futuristic electric pickup trucks, sparking rumors of its delay.

Cybertruck, announced in 2019 amid memes for its polygonal design , has gone through a series of delays due to the pandemic and the semiconductor crisis facing the world. And now, for no particular reason, Tesla has removed any trace of the vehicle.

Will this 2022 arrive?

According to The Verge , some time ago the ordering site for the Cybertruck said, “it will be able to complete its configuration as production approaches in 2022.” However, that same portal now mentions that “you will be able to complete your configuration as production approaches.”

Increasing production of the Cybertruck could also be a relatively low priority for Tesla considering its other vehicles have had fantastic years. The Model 3 became the first EV to top the monthly sales charts in Europe, for example, as the company delivered close to 1 million cars in 2021 , an impressive 87% increase in shipments over 2020.

Tesla ‘s Cybertruck can afford to be delayed a bit, but the company risks losing potential customers while doing so . However, we should know more about the future of the vehicle soon. Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised to share a “product roadmap update” for the Cybertruck at Tesla ‘s next earnings call on January 26.

Tesla ‘s future pick-up will have six seats, be able to load more than 1.5 tons and tow up to 7 tons.

Musk promised that the vehicle would cost less than $50,000, an average price for this type of car.