There is no doubt that Tesla is looking to the future. Proof of this is Optimus, a humanoid robot that Elon Musk’s company will launch on the market in 2022 and whose purpose is to carry out activities that for humans could be “dangerous, repetitive or boring.”

Tesla Bot AI HUMANOID robot launch event highlights by Elon Musk

During Tesla’s AI Day eventMusk himself revealed the Tesla Bot, a robot that uses the same technology as the company’s intelligent vehicles. Musk described it as a tool that could help you with the grocery store pantry or even repair a car.

In terms of specs, the robot will have a height of 1.72cm with a weight of 56kg, but luckily, the people of Tesla are building it so that “it is possible to escape from it and most likely to beat it melee.”

Musk mentioned that in reality, this robot is intended to be used in a work environment, such as a factory, and not so much for domestic use. However, anyone with enough money can purchase one of them.