Tesla’s car crash causes AutoPilot to confuse Full Moon with a yellow traffic light

Several accidents involving the AutoPilot have already aroused the distrust of many about Tesla’s cars, which has even resulted in police investigations. This time, a new fault was pointed out by a user of one of the automaker’s cars, who mistook the Full Moon for a yellow traffic light, issuing several warnings error.
User @Teslarati reported the situation on Twitter, where he filmed the occurrence, where Tesla was walking along a highway during a cloudy afternoon and AutoPilot understood that Full Moon was a yellow traffic light, issuing warnings in a sequence that the light was ahead, probably imagining the car was near an intersection.
Despite what happened, Tesla kept its speed constant, as AutoPilot only brakes or reduces the car’s speed if it picks up another vehicle or someone in front of it.
It is worth noting that AutoPilot is not a feature that makes the car fully autonomous, so it is not recommended that you sleep at the wheel or let the car run alone without any supervision, especially on a night with Full Moon as seen in the video.
These issues are expected to be fixed with the release of Tesla Vision, the next version of its driving and safety package due to be released in the coming months.