Texas will investigate Twitter for the number of bots on the platform

The Texas attorney general asked Twitter for all internal documents and the way to calculate bots in its database.


The Texas Attorney General has launched an investigation into Twitter for the number of bot accounts on its platform.

Ken Paxton points out that the platform may have falsely reported such accounts, a violation of the state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

The procedure

According to a press release, Paxton has issued a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) to investigate whether Twitter ‘s reports of real versus fake users are “misleading” under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act .

“Texans trust Twitter ‘s public statements that nearly all of its users are real people. It’s important not only to regular Twitter users, but also to Texas businesses and advertisers who use Twitter for a living,” Paxton said in a statement. “If Twitter is misrepresenting how many accounts are fake to increase revenue, I have a duty to protect Texans.”

The CID requires Twitter to provide documents related to how it calculates and manages your user data and how these numbers relate to Twitter ‘s advertising business .

Twitter reportedly has until June 27 to respond to Paxton’s request.