Influencer and actress Addison Rae ( He’s All That ) has joined the cast of Eli Roth ‘s upcoming film , Thanksgiving .

Filming on the slasher, based on one of the mock trailers featured in Grindhouse , will begin shooting in March in Toronto.

Patrick Dempsey is in talks to join the cast , which is otherwise expected to include a number of younger and lesser-known faces.

Addison Rae is a TikTok star, where she has over 88.9 million followers. She is also the top earning star on social media, according to Forbes.

Not much is known about the plot, but, like the short, Thanksgiving should be centered on a killer who begins to claim victims in a Massachusetts town themed around the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

In the short/trailer, the killer, dressed as Padre Pellegrino, was played by Jeff Rendell , while Michael Biehn ( Terminator, Aliens ) played the sheriff with whom the killer clashed. Also starring Jordan Ladd, Jay Hernandez and Roth himself. It’s not clear if the film will bring back any of these actors, but from how the casting is moving it would seem not. We will keep you posted