The Android for the entry range promises more speed and privacy

Android  12 (Go edition) will start to arrive in 2022.

Most cellular input range opts for Android Go, a version of the operating system optimized to do more with not the fastest hardware.

Android (Go edition) , as Google calls it , reaches its version 12, which promises more speed and privacy in a large market with 200 million users around the world.

What’s new?

Android 12 (Go edition) promises to open apps 30% faster and with smoother animations.

Comparison of loading times between Android versions (Go edition).

Google also announces smarter battery and storage management, “hibernating” apps that haven’t been used recently.

Google arms Android for the entry-level with smarter options like reading aloud, translation on the screen, sharing apps, users and more privacy controls.

New privacy options in Android 12 (Go edition).

When it reaches?

Google indicates in its blog that the first devices with Android 12 (Go edition) will be launched in 2022.