The Apple Watch can be used to track the symptoms of Parkinson’s

The startup Rune Labs will allow doctors to make a more effective treatment for Parkinson ‘s .


Smart watches have proven their usefulness in constantly providing us with data about our health and even warning of future ailments.

It is already common to find smart watches that offer blood oxygen measurement, electrocardiograms, among others. Now it’s Parkinson’s.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given startup Rune Labs the green light to monitor tremors and other symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease .

As it does?

Rune Labs uses software to interpret data captured by Apple Watch’s motion sensors.

This information will also be complemented with brain implants, such as those manufactured by Medtronic Inc to measure brain signals.

This will allow doctors to provide much better treatment. According to Rune Labs , most doctors provide treatment based on observing patients during visits, which is not ideal as symptoms can vary dramatically over time.

StrivePD , the Rune Labs solution for the Apple Watch , will allow much more complete information to be sent to doctors about the situation of the patient with Parkinson’s.