The base model of the new MacBook Pro M2 has a clear disadvantage

Watch out for Apple . The storage in this model is not up to par with the MacBook Pro M1 .

The new Apple MacBook Pro with M2 processors mean an interesting leap in performance: up to 18% more power, according to figures shared by the company. However, there is a downside to buying the base model.

MacBook Pro with M2: Why not buy the base model?

YouTube channel Created Tech reviewed a MacBook Pro M2 with 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, the base configuration that Apple sells, and found a problem.

The read and write speeds on the storage in this model are lower than those found in the already replaced MacBook Pro with the M1 .

The MacBook Pro M1 achieves read speeds approaching 3,000 MB/s, the new MacBook Pro barely touches 1,500 MB/s.

Why does the base MacBook Pro M2 have this problem?

Opening the new MacBook Pro , the youtuber found that Apple only uses a soldered chip for 256GB storage.

Everything seems to be the product of a bottleneck. Interestingly, the laptop has an unoccupied space for other soldered memory.

This is most likely due to the current shortage of chips, making it more practical to install just one.

How does this problem affect the user?

Possibly if you have a base model with 8GB of RAM, you will get to use it quite quickly, especially if you are a user who bought a “Pro” model.

Mac OS uses Swap Memory to help you with these tasks by “borrowing” the storage.

Clearly also the file transfer will not have the same speed.

There’s a clear solution that Apple likes : Skip the $1,299 base model and opt for one with at least 512GB of storage for $200 more.