The release is expected on March 3rd .


The new Batman featurette is courtesy of Little Caesars, the third largest pizza chain in the United States, serving a bat-shaped pizza called “Batman Calzony” . This is not a joke, it really exists . Marketing prodigies.

However, the partnership with Warner has resulted in an interesting featurette of the film, which includes various unreleased scenes and the statements of some of the cast members, namely Robert Pattinson ( Bruce Wayne / Batman ), Jeffrey Wright ( James Gordon ) and Zöe Kravitz. ( Selina Kyle / Catwoman ). As we know, Paul Dano ‘s Riddler challenges Batman and all of Gotham City to a deadly game: “The Riddler seems to know secrets about Batman that not even Bruce knows,” says Pattinson .

In the past few weeks we have found that the cinecomic will run 2 hours and 47 minutes without credits, and that the Motion Picture Association has predictably assigned it a PG-13 rating ( here are the reasons ). Furthermore, we know that the film will not tell the origins of the Bat Man . Do not miss the musical theme of Batman , that of the Riddler and that of Catwoman , all by Michael Giacchino .

You can see the featurette below.

The featurette