Guest of Jimmy Kimmell , Robert Pattinson presented a new clip of The Batman that shows a scene that is quite unsettling, but of considerable impact.


Batman and Jim Gordon ( Jeffrey Wright ) are confabulating in the Gotham City Police Department, and Batman notices that one of the policemen was in the Iceberg Lounge, the Penguin ‘s operations center : he could therefore be bribed, and work for the gangster. Suddenly, perhaps to cover up his collaboration with Gordon (and not expose him to double agent agents), Batman hits him in the face and runs off, running through the corridors of the department. Finally, he uses the grappling hook to climb to the top floor through the stairwell – we can imagine that at that point he will launch himself from the tower in the wingsuit, as we have seen in the trailers.

In the past few weeks we have found that the cinecomic will run 2 hours and 47 minutes without credits, and that the Motion Picture Association has predictably assigned it a PG-13 rating ( here are the reasons ). Furthermore, we know that the film will not tell the origins of the Bat Man .

The release is expected on March 3 in Italian cinemas. You’ll find the clip below, starting at 7:31 minutes .

The synopsis

THE BATMAN is a tense, action-packed thriller that shows Batman in his early years, struggling to balance anger and righteousness as he investigates a haunting mystery that has terrified Gotham. Robert Pattinson offers a raw and intense portrayal of Batman as a desperate and disillusioned vigilante, aware that the anger that consumes him does not make him any better than the ruthless serial killer he is chasing.

The cast

Robert Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne / Batman , while Andy Serkis will play Alfred and Jeffrey Wright will play James Gordon . Zöe Kravitz will play Catwoman ; Paul Dano will be the Riddler ; Colin Farrell will play the Penguin ; John Turturro will be Carmine Falcone . Also starring Peter Sarsgaard (District Attorney Gil Colson ), Jayme Lawson (Mayor Candidate Bella Reál) and Barry Keoghan (agent Stanley Merkel ).

The screenplay

The script is the work of director Matt Reeves and Mattson Tomlin . The production is handled by himself together with Dylan Clark , his partner in the Planet of the Apes films .

The director of photography is Greig Fraser . The music is by Michael Giacchino .