The viral campaign of The Batman precedes faster than ever, offering a lot of satisfaction to fans of the film directed by Matt Reeves .


As we told you earlier, the credits of the film hide a clue that leads to the site (a direct reference to the riddles of the Riddler, played in the film by Paul Dano).

A mysterious countdown had recently appeared on the site in question , or rather a loading screen, which today has reached 100%.
What happened then? The Riddler initially sent this message to his followers:

You’ve come this far. Let’s see if you’re willing to find out more. While you expose all that is yet to be revealed, I am safe here. With my new friend. See you soon.

The new friend is obviously the Joker, played in the film by Barry Keoghan ( HERE you will find more details).
The message was accompanied by a link, which allowed you to download a zip file full of images relating to the Wayne family but not only. They are the stolen photos, documents and concepts of the Riddler seen in the film.

The images contain coded messages, we will update the post when they are decrypted. In any case, it seems that the phrase “You are el rata alada” is repeated several times.
Among the contents of the zip file, also the Riddler’s diary, which you can retrieve by following this link .

But that is not all.

The site has been updated again with the words “He did a good job. And you know it”.
Following the link for the reward, another coded message will now appear, with the following writing.

Gotham loves returns.

That is all for the moment. As we have already said, we will update the article as soon as there is news.

The cast of the film

Robert Pattinson plays Bruce Wayne / Batman , while Andy Serkis is Alfred and Jeffrey Wright lends his face to James Gordon . Zöe Kravitz plays Catwoman ; Paul Dano is the Riddler ; Colin Farrell plays the Penguin ; John Turturro is Carmine Falcone . Also starring are Peter Sarsgaard (District Attorney Gil Colson ), Jayme Lawson (Mayor Candidate Bella Reál ) andBarry Keoghan (agent Stanley Merkel ).

The screenplay

The script is the work of director Matt Reeves and Mattson Tomlin . The production is handled by himself together with Dylan Clark , his partner in the Planet of the Apes films .
The director of photography is Greig Fraser .