Every television production knows that if it wants to keep its audience glued, it must not only give life to an intriguing plot.


But also to love relationships capable of reaching the hearts of the spectators. In fact, TV series, especially long-term ones, play a lot on loyalty and what can best strengthen the bond between product and audience, if not a love story perhaps characterized by many obstacles? 

It is also thanks to the TV series that terms such as “ship” or verbs such as shippare have entered the common vocabulary, the former deriving from the English word “relationship”. In fact, by ship the spectators mean a “loving couple”, when you cheer madly for a particular couple the term “shippare” is used instead. To defend the love of a “ship”, social users also use the famous phrase “I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”, borrowed from the song White Flag by the artist Dido. Below we offer you some of the most beautiful loving couples of the TV series.

Buffy and Spike (Buffy the vampire slayer)

Joss Whedon with Buffy the vampire slayer has managed to write excellently not only the series, but also all the pairs of the show; even those badly viewed by fans (like Buffy and Riley ) had their own sense of the characters’ journey at that particular point in the story. The relationship between Buffy ( Sarah Michelle Gellar ) and Spike ( James Marsters), despite what some critics claim, is undoubtedly one of the most successful of the series. Their strength is certainly found in the evolution of their relationship, in fact, the two initially hate each other and spend most of the time teasing each other. In the sixth season, however, they will give life to an exclusively sexual relationship, which then culminated in an act of violence by the vampire against the huntress. After this terrible gesture Spike realizes that he can never be the right man for Buffyand then decides to recover his soul, so as to finally be worthy of her. In the seventh and final season we witness a slow falling in love by both, culminating in a splendid “I love you” said in the series finale from the huntress to the vampire. Spike dies moments later, sacrificing himself to save the world, effectively leaving the matter unresolved and many people in tears.

Seth and Summer (The OC)

Seth ( Adam Brody ) and Summer ( Rachel Bilson ) are certainly the most loved couple by fans of The OC , they also inspired a dynamic that is found so much in today’s shows: the most popular ship nerd-girl in high school. Theirs was not initially an expected story, although he had always been in love, Rachel Bilson was not supposed to be a regular character within the series, but her skill and chemistry with Brody (her boyfriend at the time) led her to appear in all 92 episodes. Authenticity is certainly one of their strengths, they have never distorted to stay together: Sethhe has always remained the nerd with an easy joke, while Summer (despite making a huge growth path) the girl capable of conquering everyone to the sound of “that’s disgusting”. She famous the scene of the second season in which the two accidentally recreate the famous kiss in the rain between Spiderman and Mary Jane.

Jimmy and Kim (Better Call Saul)

If there is a couple that has managed to carve out a prominent space in recent years, it is undoubtedly the one composed of Jimmy McGill and Kim Wexler of Better Call Saul . The feeling between the two, respectively played by Bob Odenkirk and Rhea Seehorn , is understandable from the first episode but will have a turning point when Jimmy ‘s illegal actions become more and more an integral part of his life; it will be the latter to bring him slowly to transform into the Saul , known in Breaking Bad . Although he is laughed at and gradually abandoned by everyone, Jimmywill have one constant in his life: Kim Wexler . The woman will in fact always be there for him, even if she does not share her illegal and incorrect activities. Better Call Saul in recent seasons decides to go further, involving Kim herself in Jimmy ‘s dynamics . All this will lead the series to an intense finale, which has recently aired but has already become TV history.

Meredith and Derek (Grey’s Anatomy)

There isn’t a single Grey’s Anatomy fan who hasn’t madly loved the show’s main couple, namely Meredith Gray ( Ellen Pompeo ) and Derek Shepherd ( Patrick Dempsey ); for both characters it was supposed to be just a one night stand, and instead it will become the love of a lifetime. That of Meredith and Derek was not, however, a relationship characterized by roses and flowers, many are the obstacles encountered by the two in their journey as a couple.  Also, it took both of them quite a while to learn to understand each other (without trying to change) with each other. Some of their scenes have become a manifesto for Grey’s Anatomy fans , such as Meredith ‘s statement “Take me. Choose me. She loves me ” , the house with candles made by Derek in the finale of the fourth season or the wedding with the Post-it. When they finally seemed happy, Shonda Rhimes entered the tragedy by deciding to have Derek die at the end of Season 11. A painful choice but undoubtedly endorsed by Patrick Dempsey himself, eager to take a break from the set. With a tragic episode, all hopes of having a love like the one between the two went shattered. Despite this misfortune, Derek still continues to be present (at least spiritually) in the series and in Meredith ‘s heart to this day .

Ian and Mickey (Shameless)

Shameless has never been a “they lived happily ever after” TV series, on the contrary the reality told is very dark and sad. It is therefore not surprising that many of the most acclaimed love affairs by fans have been dismissed by the writers. The only one to have resisted is the one with the biggest fandom, nicknamed Gallavich, composed of Ian ( Cameron Monaghan ) and Mickey ( Noel Fisher ). The interest of the fans for the gay couple of the show was immediately high, everyone loved to see the character of Mickey become aware of his homosexuality and of his feelings towards Ian. If the latter immediately accepts the true nature of him, the character of Mickey manages to do so only thanks to his help; later it will be Mickey who decides to help Ian , staying with him after the discovery of his bipolarity. In the last seasons of the series the authors will give a joy to the fandom by bringing the couple back together, who will finally have a mature and conscious relationship.

Elena and Damon (The vampire diaries)

We cannot talk about ship, without mentioning the one composed by Elena ( Nina Dobrev ) and Damon ( Ian Somerhalder ) of The vampire diaries . This too was a couple capable of making fans from all over the world dream, the writers certainly had fun while writing them. Elena and Damon represent the exemplary case of attraction between opposite people, at the beginning of the show they seem to have nothing in common; he was the sexy, ironic and evil vampire, while she was the good-feeling girl, pure and chaste. Another element not to be underestimated is definitely Stefan , Damon ‘s brother, who will first fall in love with the girl. The love triangle between Stefan-Elena-Damon was a big protagonist of the series, giving birth to the first real ship war in the age of social media. Seeing how they both managed to fall in love with each other is one of the aspects that contributed to the couple’s success. For Damon it all starts as a game, while Elena would never have thought she could have such a strong feeling towards a person she hated. The complicity between the two grows season after season, culminating in a crazy and passionate falling in love. A passion also thanks to the chemistry between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, the two were engaged until 2013 (corresponding to the fourth season of the show) and the drama that came out after their breakup, always denied by those directly involved, represented one of the most talked about gossip on the small screen.