The BlackBerry with 5G and a physical keyboard is definitely dead

We say goodbye to a project that excited the fans of the remembered cell phone brand .


Any hope of seeing BlackBerry back in the game seems extinct.

After learning that BlackBerry decided to sell all its patents related to the mobile industry, another blow comes to fans of the brand.

The project that offered an “ultra-secure and 5G” BlackBerry phone by 2021 seems to be definitely dead.

As we reported last year , OnwardMobility , a Texas-based company, was teasing the arrival of a new BlackBerry phone .

Obviously, we are in 2022 and we have not seen anything. Although OnwardMobility took advantage of a New Year’s post on its official blog to apologize for the delays and ensure that the project was still on, it seems that it is not.

Both Android Police and the specialized site CrackBerry have learned that OnwardMobility has lost its license to use the BlackBerry name .

Why not more BlackBerry? Will there be a phone?

According to sources cited by these media, constant delays and a refusal by BlackBerry CEO John Chen to put the brand on another phone ended the collaboration.

It’s unclear if OnwardMobility will decide to go ahead with the project, which was apparently inspired by the BlackBerry Priv , but we do know that any resulting devices won’t be BlackBerry -branded .

What happened to BlackBerry?

The Canadian company became one of the best-known cell phone brands in the world, standing out among executives for its full keyboard and operating system.

After a successful start last decade, BlackBerry began to lose ground with the growth of Android and iOS .

In 2016, TCL obtained the license to sell BlackBerry phones , which it gave up in 2020 , when it became available for OnwardMobility .