As we know, Laurie Holden joined the cast of the third season of The Boys in a recurring role.

The star of The Walking Dead , The Americans and Proven Innocent will be the Crimson Countess . The character is something of a Scarlet Witch parody and is part of a supergroup known as Payback.
We can see her portrayed in the first official image:

The cast

Miles Gaston Villaneuva ( Law & Order True Crime, The Resident, Nancy Drew ), Sean Patrick Flanery ( The Dead Zone, The Boondock Saints, Dexter ) and Nick Wechsler ( Roswell, Revenge, Chicago PD ) will play three new superheroes: Supersonic , Gunpowder and Blue Hawk , respectively.

The Boys ‘ team consists of Billy Butcher ( Karl Urban ), the Frenchman ( Tomer Capon ), Mother’s Milk ( Laz Alonso ), the Female of the Species ( Karen Fukuhara ) and Little Hughie ( Jack Quaid ).

Supergroup Seven Justice League spoof includes Patriot ( Antony Starr ), Abyss ( Chace Crawford ), Queen Maeve ( Dominique McElligott ), A-Train ( Jessie T. Usher ), Black Noir ( Nathan Mitchell ), Translucent ( Alex Hassell ) and Starlight ( Erin Moriarty ).

The synopsis of the series

Hughie (Jack Quaid, The Hunger Games ) suffers a devastating loss at the hands of the reckless A-Train. His suffering turns to anger when he discovers that there is no legal recourse for those who suffer harm from superheroes. While trying to recover, Hughie meets a mysterious agent, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban, Star Trek ), who recruits him to join him in the search for a justice that regulates the behavior of Superheroes, who are not what they seem.

THE BOYS is a series that shows what happens when superheroes – who are famous as celebrities, influential as politicians and revered as gods – abuse their powers. At the center of the episodes is the struggle between the lack and the excess of power: The Boys embark on a heroic quest to unmask the reality concerning the Seven and the Vought, the billionaire conglomerate that manages the Seven themselves and their dirty secrets.