The eighth and final episode of The Boys season 3 has recently made its debut on Prime Video and with the finale the inevitable goodbyes have also arrived.


In reality it is only one important farewell, plus some “apparent death”, but let’s proceed in order.

The death of Black Noir

Few doubts in this case: Black Noir is dead and it was Patriot who killed him. The reason? Black Noir had always been aware that Toy Soldier was Patriot ‘s father . He decided not to reveal it and paid for this betrayal with his life.

The death of Lamar Bishop

Carrying out a Patriot order , Abyssus kills Lamar Bishop , thus allowing Victoria Neuman to run for the post of vice president. This was precisely the exchange that had proposed Victoria to Patriot, she would have revealed the whereabouts of Ryan, in exchange for the murder of Bishop.

The (apparent) death of Maeve and Soldatino

To save the rest of the group during the final battle, Maeve lashes out at Toy Soldier. The two break through a window of the Tower of Seven, falling into the void. During the fall, Toy Soldier unleashes all his explosive fury.
The world thinks they are dead, but they are not.

Maeve was saved but as a result of her action she lost her powers. The former Queen Maeve then decides to leave the country with her girlfriend, to lead a quiet life in total anonymity.
Even Soldatino actually survived the fight, he is again in a containment pod under Mallory’s supervision, sedated and reduced to a state of unconsciousness.

The cast of The Boys 3

Miles Gaston Villaneuva ( Law & Order True Crime, The Resident, Nancy Drew ), Sean Patrick Flanery ( The Dead Zone, The Boondock Saints, Dexter ) and Nick Wechsler ( Roswell, Revenge, Chicago PD ) will play three new superheroes: Supersonic , Gunpowder and Blue Hawk , respectively. With them also Laurie Holden . The star of The Walking Dead , The Americans and Proven Innocent will be the Crimson Countess . The character is sort of a Scarlet Witch parodyand is part of a supergroup known as Payback. Also in the cast is Jensen Ackles , who plays Soldier Boy .

The historical interpreters

The Boys ‘ team consists of Billy Butcher ( Karl Urban ), the Frenchman ( Tomer Capon ), Mother’s Milk ( Laz Alonso ), the Female of the Species / Kimiko ( Karen Fukuhara ) and Hughie ( Jack Quaid ).

Supergroup Seven , Justice League spoof , includes Patriot ( Antony Starr ), Abyss ( Chace Crawford ), Queen Maeve ( Dominique McElligott ), A-Train ( Jessie T. Usher ), Black Noir ( Nathan Mitchell ) and Starlight ( Erin Moriarty ).