If you have seen the second season of The Boys.


You probably remember that Homelander and the other members of the Seven have made a film called Dawn of the Seven , a parody of the various Avengers , Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League . Well, the twitter profile of Vought International has released the trailer for that obviously fake blockbuster and an official website with the character posters .

Beyond the quotes from the aforementioned films, it makes Homelander ‘s hypocrisy smile , as he turns to Stormfront in the apotheosis of the cringe : “I guess it means we’re breaking up… Nazi bitch!”. On the other hand, the leader of the Seven would do anything to curry favor with public opinion, even disown the woman he loved.

The profile of the series says that the critics have not been kind:

Critics have called Dawn of the Seven “a gigantic waste of screen time”, and say that “the porn industry has made better superhero movies.”

A further satirical touch is the wording Bourke Cut , a sign that director Adam Burke was able to complete his vision… just like Zack Snyder with Justice League . Not surprisingly, Snyder himself ironically shared the trailer and congratulated the director: “I’m thrilled to see your vision realized,” he commented.

I remind you that the third season of the series, inspired by the comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson , will debut next June 3 on the Prime Video platform . You can see the trailer below, along with the fake poster.

The trailer

The poster

The synopsis of the series

Hughie (Jack Quaid, The Hunger Games) suffers a devastating loss at the hands of the reckless A-Train. His suffering from him turns to anger when he discovers that there is no legal recourse for those who suffer harm from superheroes. While trying to recover, Hughie meets a mysterious agent, Billy Butcher (Karl Urban, Star Trek), who recruits him to join him in the search for a justice that regulates the behavior of Superheroes, who are not what they seem.

THE BOYS is a series that shows what happens when superheroes – who are famous as celebrities, influential as politicians and revered as gods – abuse their powers. At the center of the episodes is the struggle between lack and excess of power: The Boys embark on a heroic quest to unmask the reality concerning the Seven and the Vought, the billionaire conglomerate that manages the Seven themselves and their dirty secrets.

The Boys

The team consists of Billy Butcher ( Karl Urban ), the Frenchman ( Tomer Capon ), Breast Milk ( Laz Alonso ), the Female of the Species ( Karen Fukuhara ) and Little Hughie ( Jack Quaid ).

The Seven

Supergroup Seven Justice League spoof includes Patriot ( Antony Starr ), Abyss ( Chace Crawford ), Queen Maeve ( Dominique McElligott ), A-Train ( Jessie T. Usher ), Black Noir ( Nathan Mitchell ), Translucent ( Alex Hassell ) and Starlight ( Erin Moriarty ).

Other actors

Elisabeth Shue plays Madelyn Stillwell , while Simon Pegg is Little Hughie ‘s father: a sensible choice, given that Hughie ‘s face – in the comic – was modeled precisely on that of the English actor. Also starring Colby Minifie ( Ashley Barrett ), Goran Visnjic ( Alistair Adana ), Claudia Doumit ( Victoria Neuman ), Patton Oswalt , Aya Cash ( Stormfront ), Shawn Ashmore ( Lamplighter ), Jensen Ackles (Soldier Boy ), Katia Winter ( Little Nina ), Miles Gaston Villaneuva ( Supersonic ), Sean Patrick Flanery ( Gunpowder ), Nick Wechsler ( Blue Hawk ), Laurie Holden ( Contessa Crimisi ), Frances Turner ( Monique ), Kristin Booth and Jack Doolan ( Tess and Tommy , known as TNT Twins ).

Showrunners and producers

Eric Kripke , the creator of Supernatural , is the showrunner of The Boys , while Seth Rogen , Evan Goldberg and Neal Moritz (the same ones from Preacher ) are the executive producers; Rogen and Goldberg are also in charge of directing. The production is handled by Sony Pictures TV Studios, Original Films and Amazon .