Prime Video renewed The Boys for a fourth season, just a week after the third debut.


Amazon does not generally disclose their platform’s audience figures, but one thing did reveal: in the first three days, the first three episodes of season three generated 17% higher ratings than Season 2 and 234% higher than Season 2. 1. The last two debuted with three episodes, the first was made available in full on the same day, but the calculation always refers to the first three episodes in the first three days.

Series creator Eric Kripke said:

I speak for the cast and crew when I say we are truly grateful to Sony, Amazon and our fans for making the show a success and allowing us to move forward. We are happy to carry on the battle of Butcher and the Boys against the Patriot and the Seven, and also reflect on the crazy world we live in. Besides, this is the first time in history that a genital explosion has led to further success.

The spin-offs

Vernon Sanders , head of global television at Amazon Studios, also revealed that The Boys Presents: Diabolical , the animated spin-off of the series, could return with a second season:

There is absolutely this possibility. We were thrilled at launch. We thought we had a double chance with Diabolical . On the one hand, riding the enthusiasm of the fans and getting it out soon. But we also wanted to see if people would come back to see her after the return of the main series, and we’re seeing an increase in engagement. We definitely had conversations with the producers about what a second season would be like.

Sanders also talked about the college-set spin-off of Vought, which is currently filming:

We are excited, the dailies are great, we are happy with the cast we have. The Boys will absolutely be there, they’ll be a part of the show, but the other thing we like is that it’s a different series. It has been a long way. I must admit that when Eric Kripke came to propose the spin-off, we were so impressed with the potential of the project that we told him we wanted it two years ahead of what he had anticipated.

New projects?

In addition, ideas for other spin-offs are being considered:

We have ideas that go beyond this serious, but we want to take it slow. The launch of the season has gone great for now, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you hear about other projects, but for now we want to focus on this new season and make sure it lives up to the previous ones and, for now, we are on the right track.