William Friedkin has completed casting The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial.


His next film which we know will star Jake Lacy, Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Clarke . Alongside them we will see Monica Raymund ( Hightown ), Lance Reddick ( Fringe , the saga of John Wick ), Griffin Dunne ( This Is Us ), Elizabeth Anweis ( Batwoman ), Lewis Pullman ( Top Gun: Maverick ), Francois Battiste ( New Amsterdam ) AndGabe Kessler ( Hightown ).


  • Monica Raymund will portray Challee , the prosecutor. Challee is a lieutenant with a great eye for detail, whose job it is to prove that Lieutenant Commander Queeg (Sutherland) has been mistakenly relieved of command.
  • Lance Reddick will play Captain Blakely , the court-martial judge. Blakely is composed but with an aura of authority.
  • Griffin Dunne will play Dr. Bird , a lieutenant on the naval hospital’s psychiatric staff. A person of great intellect, he has ideas that seem more new age than military, in terms of psychiatry.
  • Elizabeth Anweis will play Dr. Lundeen , the hospital’s chief psychiatrist, who is called to testify about Queeg’s mental state.
  • Lewis Pullman will play Lt. Keeferm , a mildly snobby high society intellectual who serves as communications officer aboard the USS Caine. In everyday life he is a writer.
  • Francois Battiste will play Southard , a highly experienced captain who is called to testify on the management of Avenger-class vessels.
  • Gabe Kessler will play Junius Urban , a command room technician described as hyperactive and terribly confused, with a peculiar face. Urban is called to testify but provides little useful information.

The plot

Based on the play written by Herman Wouk based on his own novel (the basis of the classic film The Caine Mutiny ), The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial will be produced by Paramount Global and Showtime.

At the center of the story is Lieutenant Stephen Maryk (Jake Lacy), who, when a terrible typhoon blocks the USS Caine off the coast of Iran, invokes Article 184 of the Navy and relieves his superior, the captain of corvette Phillip Francis Queeg (Sutherland). Maryk, moralistic and convinced of the rightness of his extreme action, claims that Queeg was mentally unstable and that his paranoia was endangering the crew.

Clarke will play Lt. Barney Greenwald, a lawyer who reluctantly represents Maryk. Greenwald thinks Maryk is guilty of mutiny, the charge he should be defending him against. Though his brutal outspokenness and lack of enthusiasm frustrate Maryk, Greenwald does his best to uncover the truth about the mutiny aboard the Caine