The car Marty Mcfly would never buy

Marty McFly in 2022 couldn’t buy a new DeLorean ; It is not manufactured, there are not even spare parts to repair an old one.


In 1885 (see Back to the Future 3 ), Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly are forced to use a steam train engine to return to their present. At that time in history there were no cars similar to a DeLorean, despite the fact that rudimentary precursor models of the automotive industry had been presented since the 18th century.

It really wasn’t until after 1885 when in Germany, first Karl Benz and then the group led by Daimmler, Maybach and Jellinek (Mercedes was the name of the latter’s daughter) developed the first cars comparable to the current ones. Shortly thereafter in France, and in the US under the leadership of Henry Ford, one of the most important modern industries was launched .

Those pioneering cars ran on alcohol, and there were even electric or steam-driven ones, but a petroleum derivative that came to be known as gasoline quickly prevailed.