The CEO of NVIDIA doubled his fortune in just one year thanks to artificial intelligence

Jensen Huang reached 27.3 billion dollars thanks to the rise of artificial intelligence and the participation of NVIDIA in its development.


The CEO of the NVIDIA company , Jensen Huang , saw his fortune grow by 98% in just one year thanks to the sales of his chips thanks to the development of artificial intelligence .

Huang has managed to reach $27.3 billion with an increase faster than any other billionaire has seen in the same period.


Most of Huang’s wealth is in NVIDIA stock , according to Bloomberg .

The value of these has grown by 109% so far this year, reaching $301.78 this Wednesday, thus becoming one of the best performing of 2023.

Analysts believe that the values ​​of these shares could even increase fivefold in the next 10 years.

Investors perceive that NVIDIA is well positioned to take advantage of the AI ​​boom , as it is the No. 1 producer of graphics chips required for high intensity computing.

Bank of America called the company the “leading silicon AI enabler” and the “pick and shovel leader in the AI ​​gold rush,” while the NVIDIA boss himself said the company has reached ” the moment artificial intelligence iPhone .

There is only one possible con

The tycoon, who lived in Taiwan until moving to Thailand at age 9 before studying in the United States, faces the prospect that rising US-China tensions could jeopardize his ability to lean on China. to grow in the future.

Huang has expressed his hope that the US and China can one day ease their tensions, calling the relationship between the two countries “win-win for the world.”