Amazon has acquired the international distribution rights of The Continental


A series that will expand the universe of John Wick : this means that, outside the United States, the Middle East and Israel, it will be released on Prime Video .

As for the US, the show was supposed to air on Starz , but later switched to the Peacock platform . It will be a prequel starring the young Winston Scott , played by Colin Woodell : as the title suggests, at the center of the story we will find the eponymous hotel that offers refuge to professional killers. In the movies, Winston ( Ian McShane ) is the owner of the New York Continental .

Chris Mansolillo, director of content acquisition for Prime Video , said the following:

John Wick ‘s films have created one of the most immersive, detailed and enjoyable universes seen on screen in the past decade. We are very proud to play a part in continuing to build that universe, giving viewers a glimpse into the origins of the infamous Continental Hotel and its incredible characters.

The release is expected in 2023.

The cast

The cast includes Colin Woodell (young Winston Scott ), Hubert Point-Du Jour ( Miles ), Jessica Allain ( Lou ), Mishel Prada ( KD ), Nhung Kate ( Yen ), Ben Robson ( Frankie ), Ray McKinnon ( Jenkins ) , Katie McGrath ( The Judge ), Adam Shapiro ( Lemmy ), Mark Musashi ( Hansel ), Marina Mazepa (Gretel ), Peter Greene ( Uncle Charlie ), Ayomide Adegun ( Charon ), Jeremy Bobb ( Mayhew ) and Mel Gibson ( Cormac ).

The Continental, a three-part event

The Continental will be structured around three episodes of 90 minutes each. The first and third will be directed byAlbert Hughes(Codex: Genesis). The executive producers will be the same authors of the film saga,Chad Stahelski,Derek Kolstad,David Leitchand perhaps even Keanu Reeves (who obviously will not appear).

Young Winston

As mentioned earlier, the series will tell the story of Winston Scott , played by Ian McShane in the movies. A young hotelier for hitmen and murderers in 1970s New York, Winston will found the Continental to offer them a safe haven. McShane could be the narrator.

We will keep you posted.