Less than two weeks after the announcement of the Hellboy reboot , Millennium Media has already found the actor.

who will play the heroic demon of Mike Mignola in the film, Hellboy: The Crooked Man . This is Jack Kesy , seen in Deadpool 2 and in the series The Strain .

Kesy, who also appeared in Baywatch, 12 Soldiers, The Alienist, Death Wish and Without Remorse , has a career of over ten years under his belt, yet he’s not too well known a name. Evidently, Millennium was looking for a face virgin enough to associate with the Hellboy character – and an actor that wouldn’t cost too much, perhaps.

Brian Taylor ( Crank ) will direct the film, which will be R-Rated like the previous reboot with David Harbor , and will see the direct involvement of Mike Mignola on the screenplay, written by the author together with Chris Golden .

Jonathan Yunger , co-president of Millennium Media, said:

Jack Kesy is a dynamic actor, who has the ability to transform into his characters. His talent and stature are perfect for this young Hellboy. He really impressed me when we were working on The Outpost together .

Hellboy: The Crooked Man

The Crooked Man is a 2011 three-part miniseries: set in 1956, it sees Hellboy meet a man called Tom in the mountains of West Virginia. Tom has sold his soul to a demon known as Crooked Man (“deformed man”, but also “corrupted”), and the hero will embark on a journey with him into the dark heart of Appalachia to see if said soul can be saved . We don’t know if all these details will be kept in the adaptation.

Brian Taylor called the film “an R-Rated folk horror film” .