The Crown will return in November with the fifth season.


But in the meantime the production will have to face an unexpected: over 350 props, worth over $ 200,000, have been stolen from the set. Among these, the replica of a Fabergé egg, a pendulum clock (but not the piece of furniture that contained it), crystal glasses and silver and gold candelabra.

South Yorkshire Police are investigating the theft. The thieves broke into three production vans in Doncaster, a short distance from where the filming of Season 5 was taking place. What happened won’t slow the process down, but Netflix released a statement, which reads:

We can confirm that the antiques have been stolen and we hope they will be found and returned to us safe and sound. We will be looking for replacements, we don’t expect shooting to be blocked.

Stolen items

Netflix described all the items that were stolen by thieves at the Antiques Trade Gazette, in an attempt to stop thieves from selling them. Items include:

  • Replica of a Fabergé Imperial Coronation egg from 1897
  • Twelve silver candlesticks
  • Seven golden candlesticks
  • A William IV pendulum clock, but without the antique furniture that contained it
  • Some Russian icons
  • A silver toilet
  • A set of glasses and crystal decanters decorated in St Louis gold.

Alison Harvey , set decorator at The Crown , told the Antiques Trade Gazette:

The stolen items are not all in the best condition and therefore will be of little value if resold. That said, they have value as part of the UK film industry.