On June 27, 28 and 29 , the Japanese animated feature film.


The Deer King directed by Masashi Ando and Masayuki Miyaji will be distributed in Italian cinemas by Kock Media ‘s Anime Factory .

It will be presented in Italian preview at Cartoons on the Bay , the international animation festival promoted by RAI and organized by RAI Com, on 4 June 2022 at 6.00 pm at the Teatro Cinema Massimo in Pescara (free admission, subject to availability).

On May 4, the film debuted in French theaters, thanks to All the Anime and the distributor Star Invest Films France , almost simultaneously with the release of the first volume of the manga adaptation published by Casterman edizioni .

Produced by the Production IG studio , this is Masashi Ando ‘s first feature, regarded as one of the best Japanese animators. He has worked in numerous Studio Ghibli productions , including Princess Mononoke and The Enchanted City , on two works by Satoshi Kon : Paprika and Paranoia Agent and finally with the CoMix Wave Films studio alongside Makoto Shinkai in Your Name .

The film:

The work is based on Nahoko Uehashi ‘s series of fantasy books , which won the Booksellers Award and the fourth Japan Medical Novel Award in 2015. 2.2 million copies have been printed in Japan so far.

It was originally announced in Japan for September 18, 2020, but was postponed to September 10, 2021 due to the covid 19 pandemic. The release was then postponed to February 4, 2022. In 31 days, the film grossed at the box office Japanese ¥ 257,976,840 and sold 191,677 tickets.
Presented in June 2021 as a world premiere at the Annecy Film Festival, in competition. In August of the same year it was screened at the Fantasia International Film Festival where it won the Bronze Audience Award.

The synopsis:

In the years following a bloody war, the Zol Empire now controls the land and citizens of rival Aquafa – except the Fire Horse Territory of Aquafa, where the wild dogs that once carried deadly Black Wolf Fever continue to roam. free. When a pack of dogs roams through a mine controlled by Zol, Van, a former slave soldier, and a young girl named Yuna are both bitten, but manage to escape as the only survivors of the attack. Finally free, Van and Yuna seek a simple and peaceful existence in the countryside. But when the deadly disease spreads again, they find themselves at the crossroads of a much greater struggle than any nation.

The staff:

The main voice actors are: Shinichi Tsutsumi (Van), Ryōma Takeuchi (Hossal) and Anne Watanabe (Sae).

First work as a director of Masashi Ando , ​​who previously worked as a character designer on Princess Mononoke, The Enchanted City, your name, and animation director on Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent, When Marnie Was There, your name.
He was directed by Masayuki Miyaji (Xam’d: Lost Memories, Fusé: Memoirs of a Huntress, My neighbors Yamada).

Ando is also the author of the character design and is the chief animation director. The screenplay is the work of Taku Kishimoto (Haikyu !!, ERASED, Fruits Basket).

Concept visual by Hiroki Shinagawa , the art director Hiroshi Ohno , color key artist Ken Hashimoto . Director of photography Hiroshi Tanaka , director of sound Hiromi Kikuta . Harumi Fuuki (Forest of Piano series, Miss Hokusai, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna) composed the soundtrack, the theme song ‘ One Reason ‘ is by songwriter milet .