As we know, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer , creators of Stranger Things , have founded a new production company.

Upside Down Pictures , engaging with Netflix on a series of original projects. We have already mentioned the TV series taken from The Talisman by Stephen King (tutelary deity of Stranger Things , starting from the font of the title) and the new live action series of Death Note , but they are not the only projects announced at the same time as the agreement.

We will also see:

  • An original series by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews , creators of Dark Crystal: The Resistance .
  • A spin-off of Stranger Things , actually more or less announced , based on an original idea by the Duffers and produced by Upside Down and 21 Laps, the production house of Shawn Levy behind the success of the original series.
  • Finally, a play set in the world of Stranger Things , produced by Sonia Friedman, Stephen Daldry ( Billy Elliot, The Reader, The Crown ) and Netflix. Daldry will direct the play, which will be written by Kate Trefry , producer, screenwriter and story editor of the series.

Upside Down Pictures will be directed by BBC America and MRC Television veteran Hilary Leavitt who has helped develop series such as Orphan Black, Ozark, The Great and Shining Girls .

The Duffers said their new company’s mission will be to create the kind of stories that inspired them as kids, “stories set in that beautiful crossroads between the ordinary and the extraordinary, where the great show coexists with intimate personal stories,” where the heart wins over cynicism “. In short, a winning formula cannot be changed.