The European Union wants cell phone batteries to be removable again

The committee that has signed that all iPhones have USB-C in the region now wants all devices to have removable batteries .


The European Union is promoting a project in which they will force all cell phone brands to launch equipment with removable and replaceable batteries .

The provisional agreement has reached the European Parliament and tries to cover the life cycle of all batteries , from their extraction to the final disposal of their waste.

This is how the project goes

The entity wants all cell phones to have batteries that can be easily removed by their users for replacement.

He also wants brands to offer more information about them, such as their performance, capacity, durability and chemical composition.

In addition, it wants to establish minimum levels in policies for the extraction, processing and commercialization of the raw materials involved.

What the project wants is for this standard to be for batteries of all types, from those dedicated to cell phones and laptops, those used to start motors or those used in bicycles and electric cars.

Deadlines for manufacturers

This measure has not yet been formally approved, as the European Parliament and Council have yet to discuss it and set the dates for its implementation.

What is pointed out is that, if it is signed, the brands will have three and a half years to design these new batteries for their equipment.

Years ago, the vast majority of cell phones offered this ease of replacement; currently, all equipment arrives with a battery that can only be replaced with the help of specialized technicians.