The European Union wants to invest in OneWeb, the satellite network that competes with SpaceX

The European Union is thinking of investing in and using the OneWeb satellite internet system, Starlink’s competition globally.

The European Union is looking for possible participation in the OneWeb program of satellites for the internet in the world.

The Telegraph medium gave the report. It indicates that the European Union is looking for an investment in the project to have an opinion and influence some OneWeb decisions.

At the moment, the European Union wanted to work on its satellite internet network, but the deployment of the technology and its development is slow and expensive. For this reason, he prefers to invest in a project already underway and act on it.

How does OneWeb work against Starlink?

OneWeb is the competition of Starlink, the media satellite internet project of Elon Musk and SpaceX.

OneWeb has around 300 satellites in orbit, with a final goal of 6,000 more for a complete, secure, and high-speed connection.

Owned by the British government in association with the Indian multinational Bharti, the company foresees an operational global internet network by the end of 2022, thanks to a constellation of 650 satellites in orbit.

Another competitor of both companies will be Kuiper, owned by Amazon.