The FA Cup gives us the most viral penalty of 2021: it failed and hit a security guard

The criminal already accumulates more than 2 million views on Twitter .

The FA Cup is the oldest tournament in the world, incorporating 729 English football teams in its 2021-2022 edition, with teams from the lower divisions looking to surprise.

It was precisely in the Fourth Round of classification which registered one of the most unusual criminal in 2021.

The match between Weymouth and Yeovil Town finished 1 to 1 in regular time and overtime, for which the qualifier was defined by penalties.

Weymouth had already missed three of their four penalties despite being home, while Yeovil Town had two scored. At that moment, the visitors’ forward Tom Knowles comes into play, who was able to secure his team’s pass by scoring from 12 steps.

The most viral criminal

Tom Knowles kicked decisively, but without target. The shot ended up in the head in a security guard on the side of the field, removing his cap.

The definition was captured by a fan, accumulating 2.4 million views on Twitter. Even the official FA Cup account published about the penalty.

“Ladies and gentlemen … we present to you the best penalty kick in the history of the FA Cup,” the official account tweeted.

To the FA Cup

Yeovil Town ended up moving to the first round of the FA Cup after Weymouth missed his last shot on penalties.