The famous dog Kabosu, image of the Doge meme, is in critical condition

The image of memes and cryptocurrencies is sick and its owner has told it through her Instagram profile.


Thousands of people send messages of encouragement to the family.

Kabosu , the world-famous dog image of hundreds of memes and cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin , is in critical condition and this is what her owner has told through her Instagram account.

“The doctors say that Kabosu is in a very dangerous condition. But I’m sure you’ll be fine, absolutely fine,” she said. “I am receiving energy from all over the world. Thank you all”.

Kabosu fighting disease

This female Shiba Inu is 17 years old and is the protagonist of the famous meme. The life expectancy of this type of animal is 12 to 15 years.

The dog got sick on Christmas Eve when she suddenly didn’t eat or drink water.

After blood tests, acute cholangiohepatitis and chronic lymphomatous leukemia were detected. According to its owner, the liver is the most affected organ.

Fortunately, the antibiotic treatment is “working well”, improving his appetite and being able to drink water in these last hours.


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A legend of memes

Kabosu is known worldwide for the Doge meme , in which she shows an innocent face. She was initially posted on her own blogs, but made the leap to forums like Reddit.

Generally, his image is accompanied by phrases like “wow”. It was even chosen as the best meme of the year in 2013 by the specialized Know Your Meme page .

In December 2013, Dogecoin was introduced as a new cryptocurrency, making it the first to be based on an internet meme.