The first cell phones with Wi-Fi 7 support will arrive in early 2024

Wi-Fi 7 promises up to 3 times better connection speeds than current Wi-Fi 6 itself .


The first phones with support for the recently announced Wi-Fi 7 will hit the market as soon as early 2024.

This is highlighted by DigiTimes , who cites inspection laboratories and backend houses in his report.

What is Wi-Fi 7?

Wi-Fi 7 is the new generation of the wireless internet connection standard.

Thanks to the leap in technology, it can use 320 MHz channels and is compatible with 4K quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which allows much faster connections than the current Wi-Fi 6.

Therefore, it is expected that the cell phones that carry them can accept at least 30 to 40Gbps.

In everyday use, speeds fast enough for next-gen AR/VR, 8K video streaming, and gaming devices.

In comparison, Wi-Fi 6 features speeds of up to 9.6 Gb/s, and Wi-Fi 5 has a maximum of 3.5 Gb/s.

Phones will be the last

Wi-Fi 7 will hit routers and laptops first before hitting smartphones.

In January, MediaTek demoed Wi-Fi 7 , and Intel has said it plans to adopt the technology in laptops by 2024 , with the technology appearing in major markets in 2025.

Qualcomm is also working on Wi-Fi 7 chip options that are expected to appear in the same time frame.