The first edition of Wikipedia will be auctioned as NFT

The Wikipedia co-founder is holding an auction and the winner will get the first edition of Wikipedia on NFT and the pink iMac that was used to make the edition.


Jimmy Wales made his first edit to Wikipedia on January 15, 2001, marking the launch of the world’s largest free online encyclopedia. Now auction house Christie’s will auction the # 1 issue of Wikipedia as NFT along with the Strawberry iMac computer that Wales used to create the site.

The funds will go to charitable causes and to WT.Social , a microblogging and social media service in Wales that is ad-free and uses a donation-based model.

“Wikipedia stands as the largest aggregation of human knowledge ever put together,” said Peter Klarnet, Senior Specialist at Christie’s.

Wikipedia NFT

“It is a testament to the power of what crowdsourcing can achieve – enabling billions of people to access a wealth of information, all for free,” Klarnet added.

The  auctions NFT have increased in popularity, and there are many people who are willing to pay huge amounts of money for a non – fungible token . 

“I think what’s particularly interesting is that, for the first time, we have a publicly distributed kind of immutable database, and that’s new and different,” says Wales regarding the new NFT auctions.

It’s not clear what the final price will be at the moment, but bids start at $ 600 , according to the latest auction update .