The first images of ‘Facebook Twitter’ are filtered: Barcelona

Meta is creating its own Twitter under the name of Barcelona . She will have a close relationship with Instagram and we may be seeing it officially as soon as July.


We have already written about Barcelona before . Meta , the parent company of the large social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, is seeking to take advantage of the displeasure that many users have with Elon Musk’s Twitter and is creating a similar app that can satisfy them.

Now, new images have come to light about this application and show up close what we will find in its interface, as well as a possible release date.

barcelona is coming

The first leaked images have been shared by Lia Haberman, an expert in digital media marketing.

The photos detail a very similar appearance with the Twitter wall , with a feed that shows the publications of the people we follow, with the possibility of answering them and creating threads.

The connection with Instagram is that you will be able to log in with this account directly. Let’s remember that Meta suffers because many young users no longer have a Facebook account and, therefore, they are giving credential priority to their most popular social network in this age group.

That said, you can also bring your followers and more data to Barcelona .

The app will allow you to write 500-character posts and include photos, videos, and links.

It will arrive soon

According to the leaked images, Barcelona will be compatible with Mastodon , the decentralized protocol that also became famous amid the controversies with Twitter. What is read is that it will be allowed to exchange messages from Barcelona to Mastodon and vice versa.

Meta is expected to launch Barcelona this winter, between the months of July and September.