The first iPhone with USB-C was auctioned for 86 thousand dollars

The future of Apple ? A student changed the iPhone’s lightning port to USB-C and sold it for a great deal of money.


The creator of the first iPhone with USB-C has sold its creation by a total of 86 thousand dollars.

Engineering student Ken Pillonel showed a few weeks ago how to turn the iPhone into a cell phone with a USB-C port , anticipating what will possibly happen in Europe.

In his YouTube video, he shows all the lines of code and its hardware replacement mechanisms to do it, in a story that was applauded by thousands of users .

Specifically, Pillonel had to figure out how to map the power and data lines between the Lightning connection on the iPhone motherboard and the USB-C port , as well as reverse engineer Apple’s C94 chip .

Next, he had to figure out how to produce a flexible printed circuit that would fit inside the iPhone X and a support structure that would keep the USB-C input in place.

Now: to sell it

After proving that the equipment did not have any change in its performance, it was charging the same and the data transfer was similar, it had a large number of interested in buying it.

For the same reason, he started an auction on eBay with a price of one thousand dollars ; ended up selling it for 86,000, about 345,000 soles at the exchange rate.

The European Union is promoting a law so that all electronic equipment change their charging ports for a universal one, in this case USB-C . Apple has criticized this move.