The five WhatsApp updates that have improved its use this 2022

Not yet finished, 2022 has been a good year for WhatsApp updates , which is adding the necessary tools for its use without neglecting privacy.

WhatsApp is constantly updating itself and this 2022 has been a fruitful year for all its users, obtaining necessary tools that were highly requested years ago.

Despite the fact that there are still several months to go until the end of the year, the messaging service has improved its platform in competition with other rival apps and has not neglected the issue of privacy.

The best WhatsApp updates in 2022 

Multi-device use

Although it has flaws (such as the error of not being able to send messages to some PC groups), WhatsApp ‘s multi-device tool is one of the most useful in the app.

Through QR codes, the user can synchronize a PC and a tablet with the same account in parallel to our cell phone . The best: it is not necessary for our phone to be turned on or near its place, so it is vital to use it in the office or when we charge our mobile.

Of course, its main room for improvement is in the multi-device between cell phones. There is still a long way to go before WhatsApp can allow us to have the same account on two different cell phones, but the tool is already paving the way in that direction.


This function is very important mainly if you are the administrator of different groups such as family, university or neighborhood.

With Communities, we can bring together different groups in the same place under the argument of the same theme. The tool will allow us to address messages globally, improving communication through a structure.

And within the update, Peru is one of the first countries at an international level where its use is tested.


One of the most entertaining new tools is emoji reactions to any message.

After testing six main emojis, now all users can react with any emoji from the huge list to interact with specific messages, showing their surprise, anger, joy and more emotions at what is written.

This function is also a first step for another bigger one: react with any emoji to the Stories of our contacts.

Silence as the main measure

Privacy has not been left aside and WhatsApp has included new functions that are more than necessary.

Now it is possible to leave WhatsApp groups silently, without sending notifications to the other members of the chat and causing chaos in its execution.

Likewise, you can also hide the ‘On Line’ of WhatsApp globally or focused on certain contacts.

Blocking the screenshots in the app closes this minilist that promises to continue growing as the months go by.

More time limit to delete messages

And of course, being able to delete messages in more time is a blessing. WhatsApp has released an update to allow users to delete messages up to 60 hours after they are sent.

“Did you rethink your message? Now you will have a little more than two days to delete the messages from your chat after sending them, ”the app mentioned.

What is missing in WhatsApp

However, WhatsApp still has a long way to go to be perfect.

There are functions that have not yet arrived and it seems that it will not do so in the short term. Being able to edit messages after they’ve been sent seems like a necessity rather than an option these days, and it’s even more so when you compare the service to others like Telegram.

Surveys within the groups, the cloud outside of the well-known Google Drive, being able to record our calls and video calls or the aforementioned multi-device use on cell phones will be issues to ask and observe in the coming months.